The ancient and secretive tradition of Indigo dying, is a skill that has historically been passed down through generations. Derived from the Aizome plant also known as the Shoi, indigo is a highly transient dye that will fade and develop with time. These days it is normally associated with denim jeans but for centuries it has been seen as one of the most respected and revered skills involved within Kimono making. We have put together some items for your home and body that can help you delve into this rich and interesting world.
The British Museum published book ‘Indigo’ by @Jenny Balfour – Paul is a wonderful introduction to the art of indigo around the world. (19.99; The British Museum)
501 – This is a pair of Levi's Jeans by Lynn Downey was published in 1995 and has been one of our go to guides for inspiration and knowledge about the intricacies and nuances of indigo on other fabrics, in a similar way, Lightening Magazine Vintage Denim (£20; GOODHOOD) has a wide variety of archived collections from collectors all around the globe.
The beautiful serving bowl from Nick Membery - Kitchen Pottery has been fired in a very specific way to achieve the stunning hue of indigo colour that looks deeper and deeper with every use. Le Crueset make some wonderful Mini Cocotte servers (£7; Le Creuset), take this along with the delightful Blue Willow thermos (£16.99). 
UERMI Fragrance Collection from Italy specialise in creating interesting and diverse scents based on fabrics and materials. Oh+Denim is the perfect Indigo inspired scent (£115; Roullier White)